• ALUC-200CKX Hikari Aluminium Airbrush Deluxe Set

Hikari - Airbrush in a new light

Introducing the new ALUC-200C Hikari, the newest airbrush from Runway 13.  A completely new design, the Hikari is focused on maximising performance and ease of use.  It is one of the easiest double action airbrush to service, and no tools are required for the daily disassembly and cleaning. 

The Hikari uses new C-Type nozzles and needles which are self-centring and provide finer and more consistent spray.  Like in our all our professional airbrush the nozzle parts are push fit and without screw threads so you cannot damage them by over tightening.  They are physically large parts which is not easy lose them in carpets or on your workbench.  

Supplied on the Hikari as standard is the 0.3mm fine nozzle with other sizes 0.2mm very fine, 0.5mm medium and 0.7mm wide available as options (and included as standard in the ALUC-200CKX Hikari Airbrush Deluxe Sets).  Combine this with the included three interchangeable paints cups 3ml, 5ml and 12ml, the Hikari can be setup suitable from very fine work, to large area spraying or anything in between.  As options 22ml and 170ml paint cups are also available for even greater flexibility in paint capacity.

The trigger is more comfortable especially in prolonged use, and gives an smoother and more progressive feel.  A common problem in many airbrushes is the trigger piece is difficult to reinsert back into air valve during airbrush reassembly, but the trigger on Hikari does not have this problem and is easy to reinsert.  The entire tail section simply unscrews as a single unit, making it ease to access the needle tip for cleaning. 

The body on the Hikari is lightweight, durable and totally balanced in the hand.  It is made from aluminium alloy and is about half the weight of most other airbrushes the Hikari is comfortable to hold and ease to move for intricate airbrush work.

Runway 13 airbrushes have a 12 month warranty and are backed by our legendary aftersales services and excellent spare parts availability.


  • Easy daily disassembly and cleaning.  Can be done without tools.
  • New C-Type self-centring precision metal nozzles (sizes available very fine 0.2, fine 0.3, med 0.5 and wide 0.7mm)
  • Gravity feed with 3 detachable paint cups in different sizes. (3, 5 and 12 ml cups included)
  • Tail section unscrews as a single unit to allow easy access to needle.
  • Comfortable balanced lightweight aluminium body.
  • Minor adjustment tail for extra control for spraying fine lines.

ALUC-200CKX Hikari Aluminium Airbrush Deluxe Set includes

  • ALUC-200C Hikari Airbrush
  • 3, 5 and 12 ml cups.
  • All 4 C-Type precision metals nozzles (very fine 0.2, fine 0.3 med 0.5 and wide 0.7mm)
  • Crown needle cap
  • Minor adjustment tail
  • 2 metre braided air hose
  • Accessories and deluxe storage case.

Airbrush Type
Action Double
Feed Gravity
Mix Internal

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ALUC-200CKX Hikari Aluminium Airbrush Deluxe Set

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ALUC-200C Hikari Aluminium Airbrush

ALUC-200C Hikari Aluminium Airbrush

Hikari - Airbrush in a new lightIntroducing the new ALUC-200C Hikari, the newest airbrush from ..