Privacy Policy

At Runway 13 we take your privacy seriously and are committed to respect and protect it.  The information you provide on our website is used for the course of normal retail business. 

Personal Information Collected

On our website we collect the following information 

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • IP Addresses

Use of Personal Information

We use the information collected for.

  1. Responding to inquiries
  2. Processing of purchases, orders and returns.
  3. Sending you newsletters and marketing information if you elected to subscribe to them.
  4. Doing analysis for marketing and product development.

We will not.

  1. Sell or provide your information to any other business or party.
  2. Use your information for purposes other then as described above.

Credit Card Information

We use Paypal for credit card payments and as a part of the shopping process you are redirected to Paypal's systems which will process your payments.  Paypal has appropriate security in place to securely handle your credit card information and prevent misuse.

No information on credit cards is collected or stored on our website.   

Cookies on our website

Our website uses cookies to track information as you move and browse through our online store.  This information makes the online shopping experience possible and is used in the operation of the website to track products you are interested in or ready to purchase.

The information tracked in these cookies is limited and we apply the same privacy policy on the use of this information.

For further Information

If you have any questions on our privacy policy you can reach us on our Contact Us page.